What Is Trust and Estate Litigation?

Trust and estate litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the context of trusts, wills, and estates. This type of litigation usually involves disagreements between family members and other interested parties over the interpretation or implementation of a will, trust, or estate plan.

Trust and estate litigation can take many forms, including challenges to the validity of the will, claims of undue influence or fraud, disputes over the distribution of assets, or conflicts over the appointment of a trustee or executor. These disputes can be complex and emotionally charged. They may require the involvement of various legal and financial professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and appraisers.

Trust and estate litigation can be time-consuming and costly. They may involve court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution methods such as meditation or arbitration. It’s important for individuals involved in a trust and estate dispute to seek the guidance of experienced legal counsel to protect their rights and interest.

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