Trust & Estate Litigation Expertise

An established trust has specified conditions concerning the distribution of the assets in the trust account; a trustee is appointed to manage the account. Nevertheless, problems can arise concerning the trust’s funding or administration upon the donor’s death. Estate and trust litigation is a legal process used to hold a trustee accountable for their actions. Furthermore, this type of litigation resolves disputes that come up between the beneficiaries of the trust and the trustee.

Trust and estate litigation, by its very nature, can involve family and friends. Consequently, relationships are often put to the test. However, here at Law Stein Anderson, our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop strategies that will result in the best possible resolution to the case. First, we try for a negotiated settlement, usually through mediation. However, if this is unsuccessful, the litigation process becomes necessary.

Disputes involving trusts and estates require legal counsel experienced in handling contested wills, disputed claims, accounting issues, and a variety of other problems that may arise after the death of an individual. Without a doubt, our attorneys have both the competence to deal with complicated estate disputes and the empathy required to navigate the emotional aspects of this type of litigation. 

Frequent Causes of Estate & Trust Litigation Include:

  • Evidence of fraud or undue influence when a will or trust was created.
  • Confusion over the interpretation of the will or trust seen in cases where clarification is needed about specific assets such as real estate.
  • Document forgery or breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Conflicts within a family. An example is cases where children from a previous marriage were left out of the will.

Undue Influence in California

Law Stein Anderson Handles Estate & Trust Litigation in Irvine CA

When litigation concerning an estate or trust is unavoidable, our estate & trust litigation attorneys are here to help you. Our team understands how emotionally exhausting litigation with other family members can be. For this reason, we break down the litigation process for you. Moreover, we explain what to expect, the possibilities for resolution before trial, and the risks and rewards of proceeding to trial.

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