What is Business Litigation?

Business litigation is a legal dispute related to business activities. Often they result from breach of contract, unfair compensation, and fraud. Disputing parties will typically try to attempt resolution via mediation or arbitration. However, if the dispute is unresolvable, the parties will take the dispute to court. While business litigation is time-consuming and expensive, it is oftentimes necessary to protect the business. Both sides will hire lawyers to represent and protect their interests during business litigation. The attorneys’ job is to investigate the case and present evidence in court. Working with a Law Stein Anderson Business Litigation Attorney in Irvine, CA, will ensure you’ll have the best legal counsel in the area.

Business Litigation Attorney Irvine CA

Business Litigation May Happen Over:

  • Discrimination or harassment 
  • Disputes over the terms of a contract
  • Infringement on trademarks and copyrights
  • Allegations of fraud or deceitful trade practices
  • Partnership disputes over profits
  • Environmental regulation violations
  • Product liability, such as product defects

A Business Litigation Attorney in Irvine, CA Can Help

Businesses and companies are often faced with complex disputes with other businesses, a government entity, a customer, or a group of individuals such as the company’s shareholders. Business litigation attorneys advise business clients covering a wide range of litigation, including contracts, disputes, liability issues, and partnerships. These complex issues require an understanding of both the legal issues involved in the litigation and the nature of the business in question.

Your business can avoid litigation by complying with laws, keeping a safe workplace, documenting agreements, and upholding contracts. However, when litigation becomes inevitable, the attorneys at Law Stein Anderson will assist you. As each individual and company is unique, the issues presented in each case can be novel. As attorneys, we become familiar with the intricacies of our client’s businesses and devise appropriate solutions to various problems. Our firm strongly believes in alternative dispute resolution. We will use it wherever applicable to save all parties the costs of protracted litigation. However, if the matter cannot be resolved informally, we vigorously represent our clients at trial and beyond.

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