What is Real Estate Litigation?

Real Estate Lawyers Irvine CA

Real estate litigation is a legal process regarding a dispute between parties related to real estate. Such real estate pertains to property ownership, leases, land use, zoning, and construction. Unfortunately, If mediation or arbitration does not successfully settle the dispute, the dispute will be litigated in court. In many cases, real estate disputes arise between landlords and tenants, property owners and contractors, neighbors over land disputes, and over real estate contracts.

Why Hire a Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

  • Real estate litigation is complicated, with many intricate laws that require highly specialized knowledge and experience. However, we know your rights because we have real estate law expertise. Providing the best legal counsel to our clients is our priority. 
  • With an experienced real estate litigation attorney on your side, you’re far more likely to negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom. For this reason, we help you avoid the time, cost, and stress a drawn-out trial brings. 
  • If your case does go to court, we are your advocate through it all. We provide a detailed and advantageous legal strategy to present your case before a judge. Moreover, we represent you in the best light to attain the best feasible outcome.

Law Stein Anderson Real Estate Lawyers in Irvine, CA Can Help

When your legal rights become affected regarding real estate, we are prepared to take action on your behalf to protect you and your assets. Law Stein Anderson strongly believes in alternative dispute resolution and will use it wherever appropriate to save all parties the costs of protracted litigation. Our effectiveness before and at trial often paves the way for settlements and alternative resolutions. However, if a matter cannot be resolved informally, we vigorously represent our clients at trial and beyond. Furthermore, as experienced litigation attorneys, we specialize in arguing motions in court so our clients get the best representation and the best chance for a successful settlement.

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