Business Law, also called Corporate Law, relates to the law practice regarding companies. Corporate law is applicable at any stage of business, such as during the beginning stages of development, working on obtaining funding, already engaging in the day-to-day business operations, or in the process of dissolving. Furthermore, corporate law manages how all parties involved, including investors, employees, consumers, the community, and even the environment, interconnect in the relationships they have with each other. Corporate laws are designed so that corporations uphold fair business practices.

Corporate Formations

The decisions made during corporate formations can profoundly affect your business during its life cycle. The planning of how profits will be divided, tax implications, and personal liability disbursement are crucial to the success of any business. We have significant experience creating corporate formations for businesses all over California.

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Business Succession Planning

Our team of skilled and experienced business attorneys at Law Stein Anderson, LLP can act as guides for you as you proceed through the steps to planning your business venture. Together with your financial advisor, we will provide advice on how to maximize your opportunities for growth while minimizing your risks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are an essential growth strategy in the business world. We are able to be of counsel in every aspect of a transaction, such as financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, and valuation. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to successfully complete even the most complex purchase or sale of any business.

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Business Transactions

We pride ourselves on always prioritizing the best interests of our clients at the forefront of what we do; this includes the best interests of their businesses. We’ve found that the key to avoiding future costly disputes is to put the proper contracts in place early on and place strategizing language in business transaction documents.

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm knows the importance of Real Estate to your business, especially with the fragility of the market. Taking precautions by hiring attorneys to protect your interests in all transactions is essential these days. We can assist your business with all real estate matters.

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