What Is an Inheritance Dispute?

An inheritance dispute is a legal conflict regarding the distribution of assets of a deceased person. First and foremost, these disputes often arise when there is confusion about the deceased person’s wishes. In many inheritance disputes, a trust is contested or has validity issues.

Orange County Inheritance Dispute Lawyers

Frequent Causes of Inheritance Disputes Include:

  • Evidence of fraud or undue influence when a will or trust was created.
  • Confusion over the interpretation of the will or trust seen in cases where clarification is needed about specific assets such as real estate.
  • Conflicts within a family. An example is cases where children from a previous marriage were left out of the will.

Our Orange County Inheritance Dispute Lawyers Are Here to Protect You

We will mediate with insurance companies and other parties for a fair settlement. However, if your case goes to trial, we will represent you. In addition, we’ll gather and present thorough evidence and make critical legal arguments for your case.

When litigation concerning a trust, will, conservatorship, or guardianship is unavoidable, our Orange County Inheritance Dispute Lawyers are there to protect you. Our team understands how emotionally exhausting litigation with other family members can be. For this reason, we break down the litigation process for you. Moreover, we explain what to expect, the possibilities for resolution before trial, and the risks and rewards of proceeding to trial.

A Short Video Explaining Undue Influence

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