Defense litigation helps protect you and your assets. We believe in finding a solution that saves you time and money. We are skilled mediators and experienced litigators.

Trust & Estate Litigation – Inheritance Disputes

An inheritance dispute is a legal conflict regarding the distribution of assets of a deceased person. When litigation concerning a trust, will, conservatorship, or guardianship is unavoidable, our attorneys are there to protect you. 

Orange County Inheritance Dispute Lawyers
Elder Abuse Attorney Orange County

Elder Abuse Attorney

Appointing a guardian, agent, or fiduciary often becomes necessary to help manage various assets of elders. Unfortunately, these assets can become advertently or inadvertently mismanaged. This is elder abuse. With an elder abuse attorney, you and your family will gain peace of mind with a legal advocate on your side.

Premises Liability

Our attorneys specialize in premise liability cases. A premises liability attorney is a type of personal injury lawyer specializing in cases involving injuries on someone else’s property due to a dangerous condition from the negligence of a property owner.

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Real Estate Lawyers Irvine CA

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate litigation is a legal process regarding a dispute between parties related to real estate. When your legal rights become affected regarding real estate, we are prepared to take action on your behalf to protect you and your assets.

Probate Defense Litigation

Probate litigation is a legal process disputing the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. We will provide you with extensive legal guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and represent you in court.

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Business Litigation Attorney Irvine CA

Business Defense Litigation

Business litigation is a legal dispute related to business activities. Often they result from breach of contract, unfair compensation, and fraud. Working with a Law Stein Anderson attorney will ensure you’ll have the best legal counsel in the area.