What Is Elder Abuse?

Appointing a guardian, agent, or fiduciary often becomes necessary to help manage your various assets and finances. Unfortunately, these assets can become advertently or inadvertently mismanaged. This is elder abuse. California was one of the first states to pass legislation battling elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Attorney Orange County

Claims of Elder Abuse Can Include:

  • Unauthorized sale or transfer of an elder’s property
  • Intentional mismanagement of the elder’s assets
  • Transfer of an elder’s funds without their consent
  • Failing to use an elder’s assets for their support

An Elder Abuse Attorney in Orange County Can Help

Elder abuse attorneys provide the expertise and advice needed to obtain compensation for the financial loss and pain and suffering associated with elder abuse. We know the laws protecting older adults and provide the best strategies for seeking justice against this abuse. Furthermore, we will communicate with social services and law enforcement to stop the abuse.

We can provide you an experienced elder abuse attorney to handle your case. Our attorneys have the expertise to protect your assets and finances, as well as preserve your interests. With an elder abuse attorney, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that a legal advocate is on your side and seeking justice against elder abuse. 

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