What Do New Year’s Resolutions Have To Do With A Law Firm?

It’s pretty safe to safe to say that most people make resolutions for the new year. You may not write them down in a special, secret binder, or proudly slur your intentions at the annual new year’s party; but there’s a good chance you are trying to make improvements in some form.

So just what do new year’s resolutions have to do with a law firm?

No, we didn’t change our practice to a weight loss clinic (the #1 resolution year after year).

Instead, we took a look at a few top ten resolution lists and found five that consistently pop up. Then we matched those five resolutions with estate planning or inheritance dispute topics, of which our attorneys have firsthand experience and have written about in our monthly newsletters.

Here are five of the top 10 new year’s resolutions and how, if the situation applies to you, a family member, or a friend, Law Stein Anderson can help you achieve your new year’s resolutions this year.

1 – Improve Your Finances

Did You Complete “Homeowner’s Exemption” on Your Property Tax Bill for Prop 19?

There are some PROS and CONS to the recently passed Proposition 19 in California. Unfortunately, one of the cons is the property tax reassessment exclusion for transfers of property between parents and children, however there are some options to consider that may help assist in potential tax efficiencies. Check out Partner, estate planning attorney, and tax planning attorney, Zeb Law’s letter to clients laying out the options.

2 – Improve A Relationship

How Elder Abuse Can Lead to Litigation

Each year, millions of elderly Americans fall victim to some type of elder financial abuse, resulting in irreversible financial loss and significant psychological distress. Inheritance dispute attorney, Christina Yee, wrote about how to detect elder financial abuse and possible undue influence over someone and how California law protects the elderly.

3 – Stop Procrastinating

Are You A Trustee? Take It Seriously!

First question – Have you completed your estate plan? If not, stop procrastinating and in the words of Nike, just do it.

If you are the trustee of an estate plan, Nate Loftin, estate planning attorney, says the time is now to properly administer the trust, communicate with the beneficiaries and obtain appraisals of the trust assets.

4 – Manage Stress Better &

5 – Set Aside Time for Yourself

When to Contest A Trust

Chad Brandel, inheritance dispute attorney and business litigation attorney, has extensive experience representing clients involved in inheritance disputes with a trust, will or probate; breaches of fiduciary obligations; allegations of trustee wrongdoing; and claims of elder abuse. If you are stressing over potentially contesting a will or trust, check out these five things to consider and then let us take the burden off of you and fight for what was rightfully intended.

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